Global Working Exposure

Exposure on working with Global Customer base …………

  • Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited, Trinidad

Project Engineering & commissioning su
pport for following projects using Honeywell Experion PKS system-

  1. Interconnects project
  2. Spheres Piping project
  • PCS Nitrogen, Trinidad

Project Engineering & commissioning support for following projects using Honeywell Experion PKS system-

  1. Plant 01 HPM IO migration project
  2. Plant 02 HPM IO migration project
  3. Alarm rationalization project implementation for 01, 02, 03 & OSBL plants
  • ALCOA Wagerup & Pinjarra Refineries in Australia -

Implementation of QUASAR (Quality Automation Solutions for Alumina Refinery) project using Honeywell TPS system

  • PETRONAS Malaysia

PSR#2 Revamp Commissioning Support using Honeywell DCS system. This included Complex loops, Logics, Graphics & Area Database related configuration changes to meet customer requirement.

  • ARAMCO NGL Yambu, Saudi Arabia

Utility Boiler Commissioning support using Honeywell Experion DCS system

  • ADGAS Das Island

Successful Commissioning of Steam System Management Project at ADGAS Das Island LNG Production facility that comprises of three LNG trains. Key requirement of the project was to provide robust, flexible control system to manage SH Header Pressure with crossovers between three SH Headers open, such that “domino” effect of Boiler trips is avoided.

  • PDO Lekhwair, Oman

Commissioning Support for following projects

  1. Gas Conditioning Unit project
  2. Gas Sweetening Unit / Amine project
  3. Hydro-cyclone project

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